Whites Rural Stiff Stay 7/90/30 Heavy Galvanised Fencing

Highly engineered, tight c ross-over Stiff Stay® knot

Whites Rural Stiff Stay® Prefabricated Farm Fencing is made to the highest standards, exclusively from Frauenfelder’s Albury plant in regional Australia, using premium grade wire.

  • Highly engineered, tight cross-over knot
  • 2.8 mm top and bottom wires
  • Smooth, safe and easy to use
  • Heavily galvanised

Using the latest technology Stiff Stay® features a clean smooth knot with no sharp protruding wire ends that is easier to install and protects stock from injury. The tight cross-over knot locks the wires in place to resist buckling and sagging. The centre of each roll is kept clear of obstructing wires providing smooth and easy pay-off.

Manufactured to Australian Standards AS 2423-2002 and zinc coated to AS/NZS 4534-2006.

Heavy Galvanised Stiff Stay® features high tensile 2.8 mm line wires at top and bottom; 2.5 mm high tensile line wires with graduated spacings; 2.5 mm vertical stay wires.