Our services

North West Ag Services offers its clients:

  • An extensive local and regional distribution and agronomy network delivering clients the latest products and knowledge.
  • After-hours service: When a client has a problem, we will be there to help them get back to business.
  • Trials - North West Ag Services sponsors dozens of scientific trials to determine the future direction in seeds, farm chemicals, fertilisers and systems.
  • Carry a full range of products - So the client can get what they want when they want it.
  • Locally owned and operated - Clients have easy access to the senior management if they need to discuss any issue and have it dealt with quickly.
  • 30 day account - Allows clients the freedom to accrue purchased items during the month and pay with one cheque, saving time and costs.
  • Fifteen branches—No other company can offer the service and knowledge of the Mallee and Wimmera like North West Ag Services, assisting clients in keeping abreast of better farming practices as they happen.
  • Local people - North West Ag Services employs people who have been born or bred in the Mallee & Wimmera who know the intricate details needed to farm effectively.