Hansa Spreaders

When Southern Spreaders, a Tasmanian spreading contractor, struggled to find quality and reliable spreaders to service their business, they turned things on their head - and developed their own. 

Now, Hansa provides high-quality, reliable and innovative spreading solutions to Australian farmers. Made just outside of Ballarat, Hansa Spreaders are designed and made in Australia to suit our unique conditions.

Whether you are looking for a smaller capacity Linkage spreader or a dual-axle, high-capacity Trailing Spreader, find a Hansa Spreader that can be customised to suit your needs.

The L-Series Linkage Spreaders consist of 6 variations with capacities between 2000 and 6000L and feature a conveyor discharge system for consistent spreading. 

L-Series Linkage Spreader specs


C-Series Trailing Spreaders are compact and ideal for smaller operations, capable of holding 3 to 5tn of product.
C-Series Trailing Spreader specs 



The premium, single-axle 
S-Series Trailing Spreaders can carry between 6 and 12tn of product and are suited to larger farms or contractors. 



S-Series Trailing Spreader 6Tn S-Series Trailing Spreader 8Tn 

S-Series Trailing Spreader 10Tn S-Series Trailing Spreader 12Tn

For the ultimate in efficient and high-capacity spreading, the dual-
axle T-Series Trailing Spreaders can hold between 13 and 20tns, making spreading effortless.



T-Series Trailing Spreader 14Tn T-Series Trailing Spreader 18Tn 

T-Series Trailing Spreader 20Tn

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