Sheriff CL Plus Wheat

Meet the new mid-late maturing Clearfield® Plus wheat officer, protecting yield and yield stability.

SHERIFF CL PLUS is the highest yielding APW Clearfield® Plus wheat available in the Southern Zone. SHERIFF CL PLUS offers exceptional yield stability as consistently demonstrated within NVT MET yield results.

SHERIFF CL PLUS P is a mid-late flowering wheat and is ideally suited to a late April to early May sowing. It can be sown approximately five days earlier than SCEPTER P. SHERIFF CL PLUS offers a useful disease resistance package, including good yellow leaf spot resistance. The variety is rated as moderately susceptible to CCN and will need to be managed within the rotation with CCN resistant break crops such as SPARTACUS CL barley.

Proactive management for stripe, stem and leaf rust is also recommended. SHERIFF CL PLUS’s flowering time coupled with the Clearfield® Plus trait provides an ideal variety for early sowing as it supports a flexible, post-emergent weed control option with the use of label rates of Intervix®. SHERIFF CL PLUS has a moderate plant height and has good physical grain characteristics, including a good grain size and hectolitre weight.

  • The highest yielding choice for late April sowing
  • Very flexible sowing window
  • A safer option for sowing dry when germination date is unknown
  • Wide adaptation, will fit the front end of most growers’ cropping programs
  • An excellent choice for wheat on wheat situations
  • Very good physical grain characteristics with an AH quality classification
  • A great alternative to Trojan, Cutlass and Yitpi