Dieselmaster Bunded Tank – Essential Series

The Polymaster range of ‘Plug-n-Play’ Diesel Self-Bunded tanks will suit everyone, from filling up the truck fleet to the hire equipment in a yard, through to a large number of machines on the property.

Avoid the SERVO

Buying in bulk can save you 10’s of thousands of dollars every year compared to filling up at the local service station. And when combined with the AdBlue on-site storage, you will have a self-sufficient fuel supply.

A Diesel ESSENTIAL can pay for itself in less than 6 fills.

‘Plug-n-Play’ – Everything Included

These Bunded Diesel tanks are literally set up with everything you need to effectively have your own servo on-site and feature:

  • Quality Italian Piusi 240V Diesel pump up to 70LPM
  • 6-metre hose with an automatic trigger nozzle
  • Digital level indicator
  • Bund alarm
  • Mechanical overfill protection
  • 2” Camlock & ball valve for quick filling
  • 30micron water capture filter
  • Mechanical fluid meter
  • Lockable secure cabinet to house equipment
  • External bunded tank and cabinet constructed of UV sun tough material – flame retardant