Cobber® Lazy Aussie Dog

Perfectly balanced to optimise the health of your lazy, old or retired dog.

Cobber has been working with those that love and live on the land for over a quarter of a century and understands that not all dogs are active dogs. Older dogs, retired dogs and lazy dogs prefer to spend their days watching the world go by rather than running around. Cobber has formulated a complete feed specifically for them to ensure they remain in optimal condition and are content, day in, day out.

When fed according to instructions, Cobber Lazy Aussie Dog will provide:

  • The perfect balance of energy (fats and carbohydrates) and building blocks (proteins, vitamins and minerals) to remain healthy and happy.
  • Maintaining condition becomes a challenge with older and lazy dogs. Vitamin E is a great support for your loved animal, protecting inside (supporting heart health and preventing against oxidative damage) and outside (maintaining healthy skin and coat condition).
  • Older dogs can have difficulty getting all the nutrients they need especially if they become fussy eaters. LAD has been formulated to have a taste dogs will love ensuring they will clean their bowl at every feed.