Cobber® Country Dog

Balanced nutrition for country dogs.

Balanced energy and protein levels to keep your dog in peak condition chicken and beef meat provide optimum levels of protein for muscle condition, strength and development.

When fed according to instructions, Cobber Country Dog will provide:

  • The perfect balance of energy (fats and carbohydrates) and building blocks (proteins, vitamins and minerals) that an active dog’s body needs.
  • The essential omega fatty acids that your canine companion is unable to make itself and which help maintain heart health.
  • Beet pulp has been included to promote digestion and nutrient absorption giving your dog what it needs for optimum muscle function when working and faster repair when at rest.
  • The unique bone-shaped kibble will help prevent the build-up of tartar and maintaining healthy gums by exercising the mouth and abrading deposits of the teeth.
Please Note:

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