Chief CL Plus Wheat

The weed control boss!

CHIEF CL PLUS is a high yielding APW Clearfield® Plus wheat. CHIEF CL PLUS is a mid-flowering variety and can be sown slightly earlier than MACE P and later than SHERIFF CL PLUS. The variety has good yellow leaf spot
resistance (MRMS) and has an excellent grain size and good hectolitre weight. It also has excellent early vigour and has a medium coleoptile. 

CHIEF CL PLUS is registered for label rates of Intervix® herbicide, an excellent tool for post-emergent weed control. The possession of the Clearfield® Plus trait provides increased rotational flexibility when other IT crops have been grown the previous year and there are IMI residue concerns.

  • Very high yielding APW Clearfield® Plus wheat
  • Mid-flowering variety – can be sown slightly earlier than Mace and earlier than Sheriff CL Plus.
  • Good leaf and stem rust resistance
  • Good yellow leaf spot resistance, an advantage in wheat on wheat rotations where CCN is effectively managed
  • Excellent grain size and good hectolitre weight
  • Excellent early vigour
  • Registered for label rates of Intervix® – an excellent tool for post-emergent weed control
  • Clearfield® Plus trait provides increased rotational flexibility when there are IT residue concerns from previous crops