Catapult Wheat

Catapult (RAC2484) may be viewed as a 'longer season' Scepter, with a mid-late maturity allowing growers to achieve Scepter-like yields when sown in late April. Catapult offers a unique combination of features to growers, combining this maturity type with yellow leaf spot resistance, CCN resistance and AH quality (in SA/Vic/sNSW). 


  • The highest yielding choice for late April sowing
  • Very flexible sowing window
  • A safer option for sowing dry when germination date is unknown
  • Wide adaptation, will fit the front end of most growers' cropping programs
  • An excellent choice for wheat on wheat situations
  • Very good physical grain characteristics, AH quality in SA/Vic/sNSW
  • A great alternative to Trojan, Magenta, Cutlass and Yitpi