Butler Field Pea

Mid-season pea

PBA ButlerA (tested as OZP1101) is a superior yielding ‘Kaspa type’ field pea. It is distinctly more vigorous than popular semi-leafless pea varieties such as Kaspa, PBA Oura and PBA Gunyah.

PBA Butler maintains the same level of resistance to bacterial blight as PBA Oura and combines this with the preferred ‘Kaspa’ seed type. It is also rated as moderately susceptible for the common pathotype of downy mildew, an improvement over most other varieties. Although it is rated as moderately
susceptible to black spot, it is one of the better performing field peas in this regard.


  • Kaspa type
  • Mid-late flowering Kaspa type field pea with improved bacterial blight resistance
  • Vigorous growth for semi-leafless, semi-dwarf plant type
  • High grain yield with broad adaptation
  • Mid-late flowering with early maturity
  • Similar seed features to Kaspa with pod shatter resistance and low dimpling