3 Tonne Feeder - Sheep

The Paton 3 Tonne Sheep Feeder is a larger capacity unit designed specifically to suit sheep. The large capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing your labour costs.

This unit is designed specifically for sheep and features two 2400mm troughs, capable of handling 16 ewes feeding at any given time. The Paton lick doors are fully adjustable from the closed position to 6″ opening with a simple turn of the supplied spanner.

Unlike other feeders, due to the designed lick door, this feeder is suitable for feeding grain, pellets or heavy chopped and mixed feeds. The specially designed sheep troughs have no sharp edges whilst keeping spillage to a minimum and allowing good access to the lick doors.

Don’t muck around with an imported lightweight feeder, our 3-tonne sheep feeders are built from fully galvanised steel and sheet and built tough to last.

The reinforcement surrounding the unit prevents operator damage and a strong supporting sub-frame provides the ideal lifting platform for your tractor forks.

The unit is fully weatherproof and with easy access for filling provided via a large, hinged swing open lid and a step ladder for cleaning or refilling.

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