1.5 Tonne Feeder - Sheep

The Paton 1.5 Tonne Sheep Feeder is a medium capacity unit designed with strength and convenience in mind. The larger capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling and added labour costs.

Featuring two 2400 mm troughs, capable of handling 16 ewes feeding at any given time. Quick and easy to adjust, our lick doors are fully adjustable from closed to 6″ open with a simple turn of the supplied spanner.

Unlike many other feeders, this feeder is suitable for feeding grain, pellets or mixed feeds. The design of our troughs makes the feeding area easy to clean when build up occurs, and is very soft on mouths.

This unit is fully weather proof, with two weather verandas to minimise driving rain. It has a wide hinged swing opening lid and is fully galvanised and built tough to last a lifetime. A strong sub-frame provides the ideal lifting platform for your tractor forks or simply attach a chain to the tow point and shift with your utility.

Feeding grain on the ground or exposed to the elements in a trough leaves up to 30% of the product wasted and fowled. Save money, save time and keep your grain elevated and out of the weather with this specially developed feeder designed to meet the demands and high standards of the Aussie farmer.