Select Xtra (Status)

CLETHODIM: 240 g/L or 360 g/L

For a higher active loading, choose Select Xtra (360 g/L)

Select Xtra (Arysta Lifesciences)

Select Xtra is a new, more powerful formulation of Select – one of Australia's most widely recognised grass herbicides. It offers the same reliable control of ryegrass and a wide range of other grass weeds and volunteer cereals in broadleaf crops but in a high strength formulation.


For regular active loading choose Status (240 g/L)

Status Herbicide (Sumitomo Chemicals)

For the control of certain grass weeds in beetroot, cabbage, canola, celery, cotton, forestry, lettuce, non-bearing fruit trees, onions, ornamentals, peanuts, pulses (including adzuki beans, broad beans, chickpeas, faba beans, field peas, lentils, lupins and mung beans), potatoes, soybeans and pasture legume (lucerne, clover and medic) seed crops (and pastures).