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Polymaster Diesel and AdBlue bunded bundle


The Diesel and AdBlue Bunded Bundle ensures you have access to diesel and AdBlue at all times.

The bundle includes a 10,000 L Polymaster Bunded Deisel Tank and a 5,000 L Polymaster Bunded AdBlue tank.

Bunded Deisel Tank Features: Bunded AdBlue Tank Features

The Bunded Diesel tank is literally set up with everything you need to effectively have your own servo on-site and includes:

  • Quality Italian Piusi 240V Diesel pump up to 70LPM
  • 6-metre hose with an automatic trigger nozzle
  • Digital level indicator
  • Bund alarm
  • Mechanical overfill protection
  • 2” Camlock & ball valve for quick filling
  • 30micron water capture filter
  • Mechanical fluid meter
  • Lockable secure cabinet to house equipment
  • External bunded tank and cabinet constructed of UV sun tough material – flame retardant

The AdBlue bunded tank is set up with everything you need to keep you moving and includes:

  • 50mm (2″) Stainless Steel Drybreak (fill)
  • Digital tank volume measurement
  • Mechanical overfill protection
  • Power control panel with emergency stop
  • Auto timeout (10mins)
  • High/low-level audible alarms
  • Bund alarm
  • Lockable cabinet
  • 32LPM Piusi AdBlue Pump – 240V
  • Digital flow meter
  • 5mtr hose
  • Auto-shutoff nozzle & holster
  • 110% bund capacity
  • Earth rod

Price available until May 30, 2022, only. No variations to colour or size.

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