JUMBO2 Large Red Lentil

High yielding disease resistant red lentil

PBA Jumbo2A is the highest yielding lentil variety available in Australia, outperforming all other current varieties in medium-rainfall lentil growing regions. It is a broadly adapted large red variety which now outclasses the other two large red types, PBA JumboA and Aldinga. It has combined resistance to the major diseases of lentils in Australia, ascochyta blight and botrytis grey mould. This will assist in achieving consistent high grain quality for the market.

Key features:

  • High yielding red lentil variety (average yield 9-13% higher than PBA Jumbo)
  • Higher yielding replacement for PBA Jumbo and Aldinga in all areas
  • Mid-maturing, broadly-adapted variety
  • Resistant to ascochyta blight and botrytis grey mould
  • Suitable for early sowing to maximise yield
  • Improved early vigour and improved lodging resistance over PBA Jumband Aldinga
  • Improved tolerance to soil boron, similar to PBA Jumbo, PBA Flash and PBA Bolt
  • Large red lentil similar in size to PBA Jumbo and Aldinga
  • High-quality grain with a grey seed coat
  • Well suited to the removal of small broadleaf weed seeds from the harvested sample



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