High yielding, herbicide-tolerant lentil

PBA Hurricane XTA builds on the success of the first herbicide-tolerant lentil, PBA Herald XTA. It incorporates the same improved tolerance to some Group B herbicides, but with higher grain yields and improved agronomic characteristics.

PBA Hurricane XTA has resistance to ascochyta blight and higher yields than Nipper and Nugget.

PBA Hurricane XTA is lower yielding than PBA Ace and PBA Bolt, but may be preferred where more flexible weed control is desired or for marketing reasons.


    • Highest yielding small red lentil; 5-12% long term yield advantage over PBA Herald XT and Nipper
    • Similar herbicide tolerance to PBA Herald XT; tolerant to applied imazethapyr at label rates
      • improved tolerance to applied flumetsulam
      • improved tolerance to residual levels of sulfonylurea and imidazolinone herbicides
    • Mid-maturity broadly adapted variety with earlier flowering, improved vigour and increased plant height over PBA Herald XT and Nipper
    • Moderately Resistant (MR) to ascochyta blight
    • Small red lentil with a grey seed coat; slightly larger in size than PBA Herald XT and Nipper

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