Great White LSB Baling Twine

Great White LSB is a specialised twine for large square baling, and adds great value through additional metres on the spool. Its single tape construction and heavily fibrillated manufacturing process guarantees a consistent round twine, superior knot holding and a smooth, less abrasive run through the baler.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1400 metres per spool
  • High visibility
  • Single Tape Construction, increasing strength and run-ability
  • Heavy Fibrillation, giving a more compact twine for easier knotting
  • More metres per pack resulting in extra bales pressed daily
  • Less reloading per day, giving more time baling
  • Smooth run through baler, reducing wear on knotter equipment
  • 12 month guarantee against UV degradation
  • Average runnage of 150 m/kg

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