Great White XD Baling Twine

Great White XD is a specialised twine for high-density, large square baling, and has been specifically designed for the higher pressure applied in the new HD balers. Great White XD has been verified by the leading baler manufacturers, such as Massey Ferguson and Krone, for use in all current-model HD balers. Its single tape, heavily fibrillated construction, guarantees a less abrasive run through the baler, while maintaining superior knot holding properties.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior knot holding capabilities
  • Single tape construction, increasing strength and run-ability in HD balers
  • Heavy fibrillation, giving softer properties and reducing wear on baler
  • Can withstand higher pressure/density, allowing more fodder in the bale
  • More metres per pack resulting in extra bales pressed daily
  • Less reloading per day, giving more time baling
  • 12 month guarantee against UV degradation
  • Average runnage of 108 m/kg.

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