ACE Red Lentil

High yielding, disease-resistant red lentil

PBA Ace is a vigorous, high yielding, disease-resistant, mid maturing red lentil with medium-sized grey seed. PBA Ace has been the highest yielding lentil and is suited to all lentil growing areas, especially longer season areas where Nugget has traditionally been grown.

Better disease resistance makes PBA Ace a better option than the mid maturing varieties Nugget, PBA Jumbo, PBA Bounty, Aldinga and Northfield in these areas.

PBA Ace has also yielded well in drier areas but maybe lower yielding than earlier maturing varieties such as PBA Blitz, PBA Bolt and PBA Flash in dry years or when high temperatures cause premature maturity.

PBA Ace is higher yielding than Nipper and PBA Herald XTA but these varieties may be better options where small seed size is preferred for marketing or when the better salt tolerance of Nipper, salt and boron tolerance of PBA Bolt or imazethapyr tolerance of PBA Herald XTA are major priorities.


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