Business Bonus Program 2024

Our BUSINESS BONUS program is a pre-payment reward for your future farm inputs for post end of financial year needs.

Our 2024 business bonus reward is 5.25%, and must submitted by C.O.B. 27th June, 2024

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  • A 5.25% business bonus reward 
  • We will secure and store your products until you need them
  • Flexibility on product choices to suit seasonal changes
  • Closing Date: 27th June, 2024.
  • Discuss with one of our Branch Managers your supplies for the season.
  • Agree to the terms and sign up using the BBP 2024 form here
  • Pay the amount you need to secure your future product supplies.
  • We will secure and store your supplies for you until you are ready to pick them up.
  •  You have flexibility, if product choice alters due to seasonal change from original purchase, products can be changed to suit. Except for fixed supply contracts entered into, eg Fertilizer orders, those are binding and cannot be amended.
We will reward you for your participation with;
  • Annualised 5.25% BUSINESS BONUS dollars credited to your trading account based on the prepayment of your trading account.
  • Calculated monthly using the closing credit dollar value in your trading account.
  • Credited monthly so you can track it easily on your existing Delta Ag account.
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